My Real River Fishing Tips – Best River Fishing Techniques

Over the years I have gained much experience of all types of fishing. I would like to share with you some tips on river fishing that you may find will improve your catch. I generally fish from the banks of streams and smaller rivers so tips will generally focus on this.

Tips For River Fishing

How to fishing at River Side?

Read through these tips for river fishing and you may find that you will use them all, but then again perhaps only one or two will enlighten you. These tips are not magical methods but are a straight forward common sense approach to river fishing that will undoubtedly improve your bite and catch rate.

River Fishing Tips:

Firstly and sometimes overlooked, pick a good time to go fishing to get the best out of your day. It may be that you haven’t realized that those days when you could do no wrong and you caught fish after fish that it could’ve had just as much to do with you inadvertently choosing a good time to fish as it did any expertise on your part.

Understanding the way the weather and the cycles of the moon can affect the way in which fish feed will go a long way to ensure a good days fishing. Planning your fishing trip in advance and knowing the peak times when fish are more actively feeding will, once again, ensure that you stand a much better chance of a bumper yield.

Another great tip, especially for those that prefer to use live bait, is that you need to mimic the way in which your bait behaves in the water to convince the fish that the tasty morsel on your hook is its next meal. Use gang hooks; this is by far the best way to ensure that your live bait behaves in a natural way. This is particularly noticeable when using worms.
By using these simple tips you are almost guaranteed to catch more fish. There is nothing greater as a fisherman than standing on that river bank landing fish after fish rather than sitting there all day at the wrong times and frustratingly catching nothing or very little. Use these tips for river fishing to enhance your fishing experience.


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