4 Things You Must Consider When buying a Fluorocarbon Line

From different types of fishing line on the market, selecting the best fishing line my be difficult to you. However, it may be simple to find a line with performance and characteristic that fits your style. We have visited different online store and collected information about all available fluorocarbon fishing line. Here we have listed some top rated fluorocarbon line that best fits with your needs.

What is the fluorocarbon fishing line?

Before deciding which is the best fluorocarbon fishing line, first you have to know what is the fluorocarbon line. If it is not your first time to hear the word “fluorocarbon”, maybe it is because the word is used Fluorocarbon refers to a broad type of compounds that includes organics comprising of chlorine, fluorine and carbon- the word has is used in everything from Freon to Teflon.


In the fishing arena, it refers to polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) that is in the form of a single strand. Apart from fluorocarbon fishing lines, others brands of fishing lines, are Monofilament and Microfilament. Although monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing lines feel and look similar, they are entirely different.

This lines have over time became the favorite pick for anglers from all over the world. The brand has given anglers enough reasons to chose it. So if you feel you need to take your fishing experience and success to the next level, then fluorocarbon fishing line is all you need. Fluorocarbon fishing line offers you a different experience compared to the other two types. However, you will have to pay more.

Fluorocarbon line is the best option when you want to fish around pylons and snags when you wish to add fineness to your bait or lure, when you need to minimize the visibility of your leader and when you want to improve the abrasion resistance of your fishing line.

Why use fluorocarbon fishing line?

If you have ever used a fishing line with the following properties, I can bet my last dollar that you never liked the experience. Imagine a fishing line that is:

  • Visible in water
  • Absorbs water
  • Has poor abrasion resistance
  • Becomes weak when in water
  • Does not sink properly

If you have had such an experience as I did, then fluorocarbon fishing line will not disappoint you. Fluorocarbon fishing line has gained its popularity from it being invisible when in water. Unlike the monofilament fishing line, this product refracts light with equal capacity as water. Fluorocarbon fishing lines, unlike other fishing lines, don’t absorb water when fishing; therefore it remains strong when in water. Fluorocarbon fishing line is a fast sinker and is a quiet stretch fishing line. That makes the fishing line more sensitive. If you want a durable product, then fluorocarbon product will never disappoint. From a personal experience, a year after purchasing a fluorocarbon fishing line, I have never thought of even trying other fishing lines.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

consideration before buying fluorocarbon lineFluorocarbon fishing lines are made from a single strand of a polymer known as polyvinylidene fluoride. When it comes to choosing the best fluorocarbon fishing line there are a number of factors to consider namely; superior invisibility, tensile strength, diameter size, and abrasion resistance.

  1. Visibility: Fluorocarbon is highly invisible compared to monofilament and braided lines. It is less visible, and its light refractive index is nearly identical to that of water making it almost invisible for fish to detect.
  2. Strength: Fluorocarbon does not absorb water making it non-permeable to water ensuring the line remains strong. The best fluorocarbon fishing line should be extremely resistant to nature’s elements such as rain, sun rays and humidity.
  3. Diameter: The best fluorocarbon fishing line should be thin in diameter so that it remains sensitive to nibbles from a catch.
  4. Abrasion Resistance: Fluorocarbon being a hard material, it results in higher abrasion resistance that is helpful in fishing around heavy structures.

What is the best fluorocarbon fishing line?

There are several brands of fluorocarbon lines available on the market today. However, only a few will offer you what a fluorocarbon product should offer. After trying different brands of this product, listening other fishermen in this country and reading online reviews of different brands, I have listed top 10 fluorocarbon fishing line.  You can read review of fluorocarbon fishing line here.

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