PENN Carnage II Boat Spinning Rods review

The Carnage II Spinning Rod is one of the finest products from PENN. Braced with excellent features and ease of usability, the carnage II rods are designed and engineered thoughtfully for the best fishing experience. These rods from PENN are powerfully built with Fuji K guides and Alconite inserts and still are very light in handling to keep your arms from getting tired during a fishing expedition.

Their technically sound design is equipped to take any amount of extra strain caused by the braided fishing lines as well. Carnage II spinning rods from PENN is the ideal product with right weight and ergonomics for better accuracy and an incredible fishing experience.

PENN Carnage II Boat Spinning Rods Review
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The features and benefits of PENN Carnage II Boat Spinning Rods

Material: Aluminum gimbal (rubber gimbal on CARBW2050S70)

Length: 7′ and 7’6″

Action: Medium to Medium Heavy

Fishing Line Pound Test: 50 to 80lb braid

2-piece SLS3 composite blank construction: This is an excellent feature of this product along with a thin diameter that provides light, ergonomic design and features such as long handles that rest on the inside of the forearm easily during the casting motion. This helps in the prevention of fatigue and increase casting accuracy at the same time. This feature and the excellent ergonomic design also support active fishing techniques used by the fishing enthusiasts which is light cork grip and a long butt.

Fuji graphite reel seat: The Carnage II spinning rods from PENN comes with Fuji graphite reel seat and Fuji K guides & Alconite inserts that provide the durability and sturdiness to the rods. This spinning rod is specifically designed with Fuji graphite reel seat in order to accommodate light and compact reels. To ensure proper protection and durability, the reels are clamped to the seat with bolts and screws and can be used for specific techniques including the surfcasting or fishing with downriggers as well.

Nonslip rubber shrink tube: The nonslip rubber shrink tube feature provides excellent grip for every type of fishing. This feature also allows the rods to bend more near the top and offer batter sensitivity to feel and catch the fish especially during the fishing adventures in the shallow waters or other difficult conditions.

Specific design for use with the braided fishing line: It is an excellent feature that extends the angler’s reach better during fishing to handle the extra strain that braid puts on a rod. Also, it helps to absorb the shock of a fish when it strikes. Carnage II spinning rods are designed in a way that makes the rod shorter and thicker and provides more power to pull up the catch easily.

Aluminum Gimbal: An excellent feature of this spinning rod that helps in keeping the rod butt well planted in the fighting belt to minimize tiredness and fatigue during prolonged fishing sessions in extreme conditions


Pros of PENN Carnage II Boat Spinning Rods

  • Extremely durable, sturdy, and exceptional built quality
  • Powerful design with incredible features
  • Lightweight for easy use
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Excellent non-slippery grip
  • Great for trolling with braided line
  • Best for saltwater fishing


Cons of PENN Carnage II Boat Spinning Rods

  • Cost on little higher side
  • Need expertise of handling and might not be useful for beginners


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is this product reliable and durable?
A: Yes, it comes with an excellent finish, nice parabolic flex, light in weight, metal reel seat, easy to use, and provide great value for money.
Q: Where to buy this product at best price?
A: is the best place to buy the Carnage II spinning rods from PENN.
Q: Is this spinning rod comes with a Product Warranty?
A: For warranty information about this product, please contact the seller.



The Carnage II spinning rods from PENN are excellent in built quality and design with extremely comfortable and sensitive grips. I would definitely recommend this rod to anyone looking for a light weight rod with powerful design features. The use of the best quality material such as Fuji K-guide and Alconite inserts are an added plus in the making of this spinning rod.

The Carnage II spinning rods are well-equipped to handle severe conditions and big water game fish. It allows you to remain responsive while enjoying the fishing at the same time. These spinning rods are completely worth the money and provide an exceptional fishing experience.

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