Mono vs Fluoro vs Braided Fishing Line: Comparison Table

best monofilament fishing line
  • Monofilament Fishing Line
  • Diameter is higher than any other fishing line
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • This line is weaken on Sun, heat and chemical fumes.
  • It is not transparent but translucent. So it is less visible to the fish.
  • Has some memory
  • Absorb water and make it heavier and reduce strength.
  • Less abrasion than fluorocarbon and braid. It stretches, which acts as a shock absorber when a fish jerks erratically
  • Easier to tie knots and to cut. Recommended knots: Uni, Palomar, Trilene, Improved Clinch
  • Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
  • Diameter is less than Monofilament fishing line.
  • Expensive but more durable than mono, making it cost effective.
  • Less resistant to sun light and heat than Braided Line
  • Big advantages of fluorocarbon line are that it is invisible to fish. This is due to it has same refractive index as water.
  • Also has some memory
  • Does not absorb water like mono
  • More abrasion resistant than mono and braid. It has less stretch than mono
  • Don’t overlap and cut into each other more than necessary. Recommended knots: Uni, Palomar, Trilene, and Improved Clinch. Uni-to-Uni or FG is best for it.
  • Braided Fishing Line
  • Thinner than the same strength mono line, doesn’t take up much space on the spool so cast well.
  • Costlier than mono but more durable. You can use it for several season of fishing.
  • Resistant to sun light and heat, will last a long time
  • Not translucent, more visible to bass than monofilament or fluorocarbon
  • it has no or less memory.
  • Does not absorb water and will not get heavier like mono.
  • Has no stretch. Is not as abrasion resistant as mono and fluorocarbon.
  • It is slippery. Recommended knots: Uni, Palomar, Trilene, Improved Clinch and FG. Uni-to-Uni or FG is popular for it.

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