Piscifun Fishing Reel Line Spooler & Winder review

Piscifun Fishing Reel Line Spooler & Winder Review
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Is it a constant challenge to spool a line onto the reel on a fishing venture? In most instances this may take a bit of effort and the help of a second party. The process requires two parties working together such that one puts a pencil through the spool as the other winds the line onto the reel ensuring that the tension is right. If doing it by yourself, you may fumble for some time with a screw driver and end up with a line with knots. Fishing is ideally meant to be an activity that is fun and such challenges may make it more of a task than a recreational activity. The Piscifun fishing line review introduces to you the Piscifun Portable-Spooling Station Fishing Reel-Line Spooler & Winder that brings back the fun in fishing.

Target Market of Piscifun Fishing Reel Line Winder

This product is appropriate and in fact invaluable for people who engage frequent fishing. The Piscifun Portable-Spooling Station Fishing Reel-Line Spooler & Winder sites it as a go-to product for fishermen who do a lot of fishing and therefore need to spool their reels several times perhaps on one fishing trip. It also allows one to enjoy the peace of alone-fishing as there is absolutely no need for a second party to help with spooling the reel unless you want to.

How to use the product

The spool and reel of line are put onto the line winding system. The device has a bolt to adjust spool pressure which allows you to adjust the tension to how tight you want the line to be. You then hold the system vertically and start reeling the line. The system is able to accommodate various sizes of spools making it effective for all who engage in fishing. The line winding system should be stored safely when not in use to avoid damage.


The spooler is made of high strength graphite frame. It is neatly engineered making it light and strong. For safe keeping, it can be stored in the fishing boat perhaps in a small tool box as it is compact and strong. It may also be stored in your garage along with other fishing equipment making sure they are kept separate from other equipment that may damage it.


Pros of Piscifun Fishing Reel Line Winder

Piscifun Portable Spooling-Station Fishing Reel-Line Spooler & Winder highlights some of the advantages of the device as follows;

• This product allows you to do more fishing as it improves efficiency and minimizes time wastage in spooling the reel.

• It allows one to have a line that is neat without any knots

• It allows one to achieve the desired and even line tension

• It makes spooling a one-man task. It is possible to spool the line without requiring the help of a second party


• This product is slightly more expensive than your average fishing equipment

• It is a device that needs to be handled with care and stored appropriately in order to avoid damage

• It cannot be used for heavy duty fishing as it involves the use of a line which means one catch at a time.

Features of Piscifun Fishing Reel Line Spooler & Winder

• It weighs 12.4 ounces

• The winder is made of high strength graphite frame that can be disassembled

• It can accommodate up to 2.6-inches of the thickness of spool. Where thicker spool is used, the device must be adjusted to balance out the device.

• The package includes a 1 X Fishing line spooler

• It has a wheel fastener located above that is adjustable depending on whether you are winding a bait cater reel or a spinning reel


Is buying a spooling Station worth it?

The Portable Spooling Station-Fishing Reel-Line Spooler & Winder bears various advantages that far outweigh its cost. It is convenient, quick to use, durable, and brings back the fun to fishing.

Why waste the money because you can do it fine without one?

With the spooler you are able to load your reels and have a bit more organization. You take less time to do it and can do it all by yourself. All the mess and knotting is avoided and you have a neat line every single time.


The Piscifun Fishing Reel-Line Spooler & Winder demonstrates that although the spooler may seem expensive as compared to the traditional way of using a pencil, it goes a long way in improving your fishing experience. It is a device that everyone should own as it makes fishing easier and fun. It is also important to note that this device has received recognition as one of the best fishing accessory in the new product showcase.

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