Best Spincast Reel in the Market – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Like any other fishing product, spincast reel is also widely available in the market. Picking  a single spincast reel is really a tough job, especially when you have a lot of options to choose from. The crowded market segment makes it extremely difficult for a new user to make a choice. This article will give you an idea of the best spincast reels in the market which shall help you make an informed choice.

I have been fishing since I was 14 and became hugely passionate about it since thereon. To make sure you get the best bang for the buck, I spend two days straight on the internet and combined it with my personal experience to pick the absolutely the best products. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or a fishing legend, there’s something for everyone on my list.

Reviews of the Best Spincast Reels

Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel

If you consider yourself to be a serious angler, you would probably discard spincast fishing reels on the ground of being less serious than, say, baitcasting reels, etc. They’re for novices and amateurs, right? Nay, you are gravely mistaken, sire. By breaking the spincast dogma, Zebco Omega ZO3PRO proves itself to be not only one of the best spincast fishing reels, but also one of the better ones in the overall list.

Zebco Omega ZO3PRO Spincast Fishing Reel
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  1.  The most advanced Spincast fishing reel from the house of Zebco till date
  2.  The only spincast reel to feature seven ball bearings, made of premium quality steel
  3.  Flexible design: can be configured according to both the hands
  4.  Features 3x positive pickup system and a multi-disk drag mechanism that can’t go wrong
  5.  Superior built quality: gears are metal-made, covered with aircraft-grade aluminum
  6.  Features modern technologies like Auto Bait Alert and Ceramic line guide


You have already got a glimpse of the impressive Zebco Omega ZO3PRO. In this section, we shall talk in details about the eye-catching features as determined by the lab tests that we performed.

  1. Spincast reels should be simple and somewhat plebeian, but Zebco has other plans for the Omega. The thumb button was the first thing that caught my attention, and while it’s just a thumb button, it’s neat and waterproof. At the test-lab, I used a lot of water, both on the thumb and the button, which didn’t affect the operation in a visible way.
  2. I also noticed that the Omega ZO3 takes the idea of oscillating spools from the spinning and baitcasting reels and effectively applies this method so that the line is always accurately placed on the spool during retrieves. I tried retrieving the line under a varied range of pressure, and the oscillating spool didn’t fail me for a single time.
  3. The spincast reel features six stainless steel ball bearings which is massive, even for some spinning and baitcasting reels. The ball bearings are initially a bit tight, but after I gave a few more turns, they were running pretty smooth.
  4. Zebco provides you with a spare spool, which is hugely impressive for a spincast reel at this price range. After testing the Quick-Change spool system, I am sure that it will benefit the anglers to change the spool when needed without much trouble.


  1. This spincast reel has a quality built and durable and will serve you effectively for years.
  2.  This reel is great for amateurs and occasional anglers, who are not very good with adjustments, or are a bit too impatient to cast a line.
  3. The comfortable and flexible design and multiple ball bearings ensure a fun and carefree fishing experience
  4. The price tag will put a smile on your face


  1. Despite the overall smooth performance, the drag adjustment wheel proves to be somewhat sensitive and could as well result in a lost bite.
  2. The retrieval is a bit slower than what most professional anglers are used to.

After thoroughly examining the product, I have reached the conclusion that this is a spincast reel that can be trusted for a hassle free operation, be it for a beginner or a leisure fisherman. This buddy will let you bypass all the fishy business and efficiently cast a line in the water whenever you feel like it.



Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel

The wise, the elder and the experienced – they want a blend of old school look and hardcore utility. However deadly the combination may seem, it attracts, and it works, and Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel promises exactly this.


  • Full metal body and gears for extra durability
  • Rotating pickup made of tungsten
  • Fast switchable retrieve – adjustable accordingly
  • Oscillating spool levelwind
  • Multi-disc drag for smooth operation
  • A premium quality pickup line
Daiwa Goldcast Spincast Reel
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A thorough research over the web tells me that this reel is one of the most critically acclaimed spincasts, along with the Zebco Omega ZO3PRO, of all time. Plus, Daiwa is a well-known name in the industry, which adds to the product’s charisma. Daiwa is also known for their helpful customer support. So if you haven’t made up your mind yet and relied on people’s verdict, this is a very good choice in my opinion.
Another thing that I found noteworthy is the amount of reliability you get in this price range. The full metal body and metal gears give some pickup strength while extends its longevity.
The oscillating spool level wind is an impressive addition to the bucket of features. The spool ensures fast operation and maintains the line pressure to help you with an even and seamless retrieve.


  1. The look-meets-power combo works to provide you with one of a kind fishing experience. Create a spectacle when you cast a line.
  2. The known brand name and great customer reviews – they speak words you can trust.
  3.  The pickup is really smooth and will never falter you.


  1. This reel doesn’t have a star drag like usual reels. Instead, it has a dial drag. So, some of the anglers may have problems with controlling the drag. Once you go through the user manual, however, it’s very easy.


The Daiwa Goldcast Spincast is an apt choice if you are looking desperately for a product that would last long and would simultaneously do all sorts of fishing. These reels are available in three variants, and you should choose accordingly.


Zebco Omega ZO3 Spincast Reel

Another spincast reel from the house of Zebco, this reel is not as advanced as the ZO3PRO variant, but it packs some nice new features on the go, and if you are only getting started and are clueless about what you should buy, I would recommend this one.

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  1.  Seven stainless steel ball-bearings
  2.  Rubber made soft-touch thumb button
  3.  Smooth anti-reverse operation and gear drive
  4.  Oscillating spool levelwind, quick-change spool system
  5.  Multi-disc drag for ease of angling
  6.  Aircraft-grade aluminum covers and aluminum body

You have already got a glimpse of the impressive Zebco Omega ZO3PRO. In this section, we shall talk in details about the eye-catching features as determined by the lab tests that we performed.
1. The ZO3 is not very different from its more expensive PRO variant. It dumbs down some of the premium features of the PRO but keeps the performance more or less standard. However, though there has been an increasing demand for such budget spincast reels, the Zo3 has a premium feel about it. Just like its Pro version the waterproof thumb button is the highlight of the product.

  1. The reel has a total of six steel ball bearings which, apart from ensuring the stability of the product, also maintain the durability of the reel. It is important to mention here that I found the bearings and the working mechanism of the reel to be a bit tight. A little lubrication should solve this problem.
  2. While using the rod, I found the mechanism of casting and retrieving the line that the reel employs to be exactly similar to its Pro variant. The line retrieval system is extremely efficient, and the line does not get tangled up easily.
  3. Honestly speakin,g there is nothing drastically different about this reel that makes it different from the more pricier Pro version of the same. There is an extra spool thrown in for good measure in case you need one.


  1. Quick change spool system
  2.  Ambidextrous – can be used with both hands

Cons —  Nothing really

If you are a beginner, you should definitely go for this option, and if you have in mind the picture of a hassle-free spincast reel which would at the same has some merit to teach you fishing and angling, this is your ready choice.


Zebco Authentic Spincast Fishing Reel 33K 10C CP

The Zebco 33k is specially designed for women, and the design of the rod is quite evident of that intention. The reel is extremely light in terms of weight, and there is a feminine element about the rod. While fishing may not be predominantly popular sport among women, the features may make any woman give it a second thought.

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  1.  Quickset multi stop anti reverse
  2.  Industrial –grade stainless steel covers
  3.  Improved line management system
  4.  PVC rubber knobs
  5.  Micro fine adjustment drag control
  6.  Reversible for right or left hand retrieve

While a lot about the spincast reel may boil down to first looks, I found the Zebco 33l to be a refreshing change. The design of the spincast reel is made to attract women. However, that is no reason why men wouldn’t find it appealing too. I certainly did.

There is a host of features that the reel incorporates within itself. I was impressed with the anti-reverse clutch and the ball bearing drive. All of which bore a sort of industrial quality durability about it. The stainless steel cover protects the reel from damages occurring from shocks or jerks.

The reel is also available in a pink color variant which also has rubber padded handles. Though I did not use this, I guess the rubber padding must provide quite an exceptional degree of comfort.

To increase the visibility of the line when in the water, the line is painted red. The red coloration of the line allows for a greater degree of visibility, and while fishing in pools, I could almost see up to the bait.

  • Available in a variety of colors including pink
  • The red color of the line
  • Heavy ball bearing for greater stability
  • Value for money


  • The packing of the product is not up to the mark. The packaging lacked foam, and the reel could have been damaged due to this.

Using this reel has been a more or less pleasant experience. However, there are a few factors I must draw your attention to if you wish to buy this product. The reel, though being excellent in terms of quality, is notoriously difficult to re-line if the line goes awry. Secondly, you might face some problems opening this reel to clean it. Other than that it is a great product and is built to last.


Pflueger Trion 10SCB Spincast Reel

Pfleger has over the years gained the reputation of producing some of the most value for money spincast reels in the market. The Trion 10SCB is an extension of that marketing strategy. While it may look like any other Trion spincast reel from the top, it has been re-engineered to fit in a lot of amazing features.

Pflueger Trion 10SCB Spincast Reel
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  1.  2 ball bearings
  2.  Ported machined aluminum front cone
  3.  Aluminum handle with soft touch handle knob
  4.  Titanium pick-up pins
  5.  Heavy-duty metal gears

While I was really excited about this spincat reel in general, having been a big fan of the previous Pfleger products, I was a little disappointed with the product. True that the Trion 10SCB comes at an unbelievably low cost, but is that reason enough to compromise on aspects of performance?
Upon using the product, I noticed that the drag that the Trion offers is by far one of the smoothest reels on the market. The smooth drag of the reel could give even the most premium of reels a run for their money.
The aluminum front cone is also something that caught my eye. The Trion 10SCB has a great build quality, and the durability of the product is beyond question.
The Trion is an extremely feature rich product. Considering the price, I was pretty astonished as to how such a budget product could have such a wide array of features. I mean, just consider the list – corrosion resistant ball bearings, dual titanium pins, wear resistant line, adjustable thumb system. But does it perform well on all these accounts?
I had issues with the casting of the line. The line release is not smooth as a result the rod jerks a lot and may give false alarms as to a fish having been caught. The same problem occurs while retrieving the line. The line also kept getting tangled up inside the reel, and I had to open it quite a few times to untangle the line.


  1. Extremely budget friendly
  2. Smooth drag
  3. Durable


  1. The line casting and retrieval is not smooth

If you are on a budget, then I would highly recommend the Trion 10SCB. No other manufacturer in this segment has such a feature rich reel like this one. However, you may have to make some compromises with the performance as there are evidently some construction problems with the reel.


Other Fishing Reel You May Also Like

Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Reel  [Baitcasting]

Abu Garcia, a known name in the fishing business, promises an exceptionally smooth performance in its new Pro Max Low Profile baitcasting reels. Abu Garcia is usually known for regularly updating their products, and while the Pro Max takes design ideas from Revo and Orra lineups, it also incorporates some exclusive features to stand out in the crowd.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Reel
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  1.  Double anodized aluminum spool gives extra strength and flexibility
  2.  Power Disk technology incorporated for seamless drag performance
  3.  Duragear brass gear for prolonged gear life
  4.  MagTrax brake ensures consistent pull throughout the cast
  5.  A compact and ergonomic design which is easy to access for the amateurs
  6.  Graphite frame and side plates ensure durability

The first thing that we noticed out of the box is the built quality. The spool is made of doubly anodized aluminum. Both the frame and the side plates are made of graphite, which is a sturdy enough element and would last you for years.
The Pro Max features 7+1 bearing balls made of stainless steel. The bearing system is efficient enough according to the lab results. I tested a wide range of weights, and the retrieves were always smooth.
The product incorporates all those trademark technologies, you may have noticed. Do they matter? Well, I would like to think, yes. Premium brass-built Duragear promises a long gear life and Power Disk drag technology ensures a better performance. MagTrax casting brakes are the most impressive ones, as I found they work efficiently to regulate the brake pressure.
The anti reverse was really fast. It was like, rapid and totally hassle-free. Regarding this feature, I am very pleased with the result of my tests.


  1. Brilliant ergonomic design ensures better reel management.
  2. The Power Disk feature keeps you in control no matter how big the fish is, by providing 8kg of dragging power.
  3. The 7+1 steel bearings promise an effortless operation and reel longevity at the same.


  1. The gears are not as neatly built as some of the others on the list, and the built quality is just okay. But they don’t affect your operation, and at this price range, it’s still one of the best baitcasting reels.

If you are really passionate about fishing, whether you are a beginner or a pro at it, at some point you would have heard of Abu Garcia and thought of owning it. If a smooth operation is your main concern, then you should definitely go with this one.

Criteria of Best Spincast Reel

For many users, spincast reels are preferable than the traditional favorite bait casters. This may be attributed to a variety of factors but most specifically, the ease of use. Spincast reels, by the virtue of their lighter lines, provide superior performance. However, making a choice in a crowded market segment may become problematic if you are unfamiliar with the type of reel you need. Here are some hints that might come handy to make an informed choice.

Reel Body
The reel body may be made from a variety of materials including graphite, aluminum or even a combination of these two metals. It is advisable to go for a reel made of the combination of these metals. The combination incorporates the durability of the aluminum with the light weight of the graphite. However, reel body should also be chosen keeping in mind the area you want to fish in.

If saltwater is your forte, you are better off with the anti-corrosive graphite. The reel body should preferably be solidly built with no moving parts. The weight of the reel is also a key factor and should be given due consideration if long hours of wishing is a thing for you.

Reel Size

The reel size just, like the reel body, also directly affects your fishing and as such is more accurately judged by perception i.e. on how you wish to use it. The weight of the line that you use is directly proportional to the size of the reel. The lighter lines would, therefore, require a smaller reel and the heavier lines, a larger reel. You could also check for the line capacity on the detailed information found on the spool.

Gear Ratio
As opposed to casting reels with their rotating spools, the spool on the spinning reel is fixed. The bail controls the line as per the handle use. The gear ratio in the context of spinning reels refers to the number of times that the bail rotates with relation to the handle. The gear ratio is important because the line recovery of the reel can be ascertained through the gear ratio.

Drag System
The drag system in a spinning reel is responsible for the pressure applied onto a hooked fish. The absence of a smoothly functioning drag quality system could result in broken lines and the fish escaping away. There are usually two types of drag system that are available – front and rear drag.

Spools are by far the most important part of the reel as far as fishing is concerned. The spools are responsible for a variety of things like casting distance and holding the line. There are two basic forms of spools available in the market: internal or skirted. Internal spools are rarely used nowadays with most manufacturers discontinuing them.

Internal spools often entangle the lines in the spool itself and are hence, a huge problem. Skirting spools overcome this shortcoming of the internal spool and are used more commonly. You could also try a variation of skirted spool known as a long cast spool. The spool is shallower than the regular spool and a tad longer in length. This allows the spool to put lesser friction on the line and increased capturing distance.

General Maintenance of Spincast Reel

I have found this video where it is visualized clearly about how to maintain your spincast reel for better life time and better performance.

Final Verdict

Unlike a lot of segments where you get what you pay for. The best spincast reel may not always be the most expensive of the lot. A reel that would offer you desired levels of performance, quality, and durability and is cost effective at the same time should be your chosen one. There are also a lot of variants you can choose from like trigger-equipped or push-button spincast reel. But I would advise you to invest in a simple design keeping the effectiveness of the reel in order. Happy fishing!

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