What is the Best food for goldfish – what do fish eat?

Best food for goldfish

Like people, fish eat meat, plants or both. Make sure you know which of these apply to your goldfish. The most convenient option, Best food for goldfish, are flake foods. While these can form the core of your fish diet, they should not be the only thing you feed your fish. Buy different kinds of flaked foods so that your fish can get a variety of nutrients.


If you have goldfish who are herbivores, meaning they only eat vegetables, you will need to feed them algae flakes, wafers or discs. Remove any wafer or disc that is not eaten in twenty-four hours. Some fish, like the silver dollar fish, will devour just about any leafy plant your want to put in the tank. If you have these kinds of fish, slide a leaf of romaine lettuce down the side of the tank and watch them go after it.

best food for goldfish

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Some huge fish eat pellets and sticks. They come in various sizes that are meant to equal the size of your fish. You can also give your fish variety with freeze-dried foods. Some of these are tubifex, krill or river shrimp.


If you aren’t comfortable feeding your fish live worms, insects, and the like, don’t get any large carnivores when you choose your fish. While many of these fish will eat flaked food if that’s all there is, it is not going to provide them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and well. A lot of the canned fish flakes are even full of fillers which your fish don’t need in their food anymore then you need it in your food. Sometimes the answer to the question, “what do fish eat?” is meat.


Tubifex is also called blackworms. Your fish will love them, but experts have talked about these worms possibly making fish sick because they are carriers of parasites and bacteria. You can minimize this possibility by only buying blackworms that come in a little bag of clear water, and then taking them home and rinsing them several times before feeding them to your fish.

what do fish eat?

Another good answer to the question of “what do fish eat?’ is a worm. Fish love blackworms, bloodworms, earthworms, white worms and any other worm you can find. They also like all kinds of insects that you can either buy life or collect from your yard in the spring, summer, and fall. Brine shrimp are tasty to most fish, as are such essential plants and lettuce and spinach. Many meat-eating fish aren’t above eating a few vegetables now and again.


If you were to ask yourself, what do fish eat, what comes to mind? For most people, they would think about aquatic insects like mayflies, caddis flies, damsel and dragonflies, minnows, shrimp, and crayfish. Heck, you may even think marshmallows, can corn, or red worms, but how many of you thought ants, crickets, grasshoppers, and beetles? Believe it or not, fish love terrestrial insects and will eat them whenever given the opportunity.


When you see grasshoppers about, and you come to a stretch of stream that flows through a meadow, I would try a hopper pattern to fish that area. Hopper season is your chance to catch some of the biggest trout of the season on a dry fly. Crickets are fish in similar circumstances and catch some very nice fish as well. Beetles have a season when they are abundant, and thus become important to the fly fisherman. However, beetles are regional and seasonal also. Your best bet is close observation and social networking, get to know the people at your fly shop, take a fly tying course through the community college and work the instructors for information on patterns and when they occur.

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The one that surprises most people is how abundant and widespread ants are, fish love insects and will often feed on them throughout the day. If you think about your local stream and how many times you see grass, logs, and downed trees and limbs touching the water you begin to realize how many opportunities there are for ants to enter the water, and once there, how they could, and do, get picked off by waiting for fish. Flying ants have been known to swarm on the water and create a feeding frenzy. Ants float in the surface film and trout can take them with the smallest of dimples, so you need to pay very close attention when on the water.


The traditional pattern for an ant is two distinct clumps of black or cinnamon colored fur with a wisp of hackle between them to simulate legs. However, the best model to imitate an insect is the MacMurray ant. This imitation is made from two cylindrical shaped pieces of balsa wood threaded through the long axis with monofilament line, and the ends of the line are melted to hold them in place. The two ends are then dipped in black or cinnamon paint. It gets tied to a hook and one or two turns of hackle to imitate the legs.

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