Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel Review

If you are searching for the most important accessory for your fishing trip then your search will end up at the reel as you cannot do anything without a good quality fishing reel. The low profile reel from Abu Garcia Black Max can be the best option for you due to a number of its features and other benefits. An Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel review provided in this write-up will help you to know this fishing reel more closely. It works very well as the clutch plate of the brake and stability of the adjustments makes it easy to operate while casting the bait.

Features of Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel

Smooth retrieves

The 4+1 bearing system provided in Black Max Low Profile reel allows you smooth and durable retrieves during hard core fishing by standing up to the maximum limit. The weight of this lightweight reel from its graphite frame to its tip is a bit less than 8 ounces. It enables the reel to give the best performance in the toughest situation. Its ergonomically designed handle make you feel more comfortable during retrieves.

Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel Review
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Great line capacity

Toughness and performance are the standard features of the fishing products made by Max brand. In order to prove this feature in Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel the company has provided great line capacity with 12 pounds or 145 yards line on its reel handle the robust and most energetic fish easily. This combo of brake clutch plate and adjustments works well to stay in the position while casting bait.

Maximum drag

The drag performance of the Abu Garcia Black Max Reel is the best as compared to its competitors. Its drag system along with the brake system provided in this reel allows you to control the maximum drag up to 15 pounds while hook-up and casting. The standard and easily adjustable retrieval gear ratio of this reel is 6:4:1 to avoid any backlashes.

Two-system brake

This fishing reel is provided with two types of brakes to improve your fishing experience more effectively. There is one magnetic brake to fine tune the system and the other can be used to control the speed of tension knob. The durability of its gear system is provided by installing brass made Duragear.

Other important features 

The complete spool of this fishing reel is made of aluminium to reduce it weight and improve strength. The PowerDisk technology used in it makes its performance smooth. Brass gear from Duragear provides it durability. The MagTrax brake system provided consistent brake pressure during casting. Its ergonomically bent compact handle makes it comfortable for your hand while in use. The quality of this reel is supported by the company with one-year warranty.

Pros and cons


  • Affordable with lots of excellent features
  • Smooth running
  • Efficient retrieving
  • Quiet operations
  • Excellent for all anglers, novice to advanced
  • Made of durable material to last longer


  • No negative comments have been received from the registered customers who have used it after buying through Amazon.


Q: Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel can be operated with which hand?

Answer: It can be operated by right hand.

Q: What is the gear ratio of this fishing reel?

Answer: The gear ration of this reel is 6:4:1.

Q: Do I have a defective reel if its guide goes forth and back while reeling the line in and does not move while goes out during casting?

Answer: No, you have a perfectly all right reel as the difference in its movements is due to its design. The back and forth movement of the guide during reeling in makes even distribution of the line on the spool.

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Final verdict

After reading the feedback of the registered customers of Amazon it can be concluded undoubtedly that Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel is the best in its class. Most of the users of this fishing reel are satisfied with the smooth angling and bait cast facility provided by it. The durability and lightweight of this reel also receive satisfactory reviews from its user. You will find its performance the best even if you have used it long after buying it or you are doing the fishing for the first time in your life. The reel is excellent option for the anglers of all levels, from beginners to advanced anglers. The durability of this reel will allow it to last longer than your expectations.

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Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Reel Review
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  1. black max made in china as the rest abu reels are except the s series

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